The copies of the regulations on this or any other website are unofficial and for informational purposes only. The official versions of the Board of Higher Education’s regulations are the printed versions which can be obtained for purchase at the State Bookstore.

610 CMR: Board of Higher Education

PDF 610 CMR 2.00: Degree-Granting Regulations for Independent Institutions of Higher Education

PDF 610 CMR 3.00: Appointment of Volunteer Chief Executive Officers at State Universities and Community Colleges

PDF 610 CMR 5.00: Hazing Reporting

PDF 610 CMR 6.00: Affirmative Action

PDF 610 CMR 10.00: Privacy, Confidentiality, and Data Security

PDF 610 CMR 11.00: Optional Retirement Program

PDF 610 CMR 12.00: Operation of Massachusetts Degree-Granting Institutions under the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA)

PDF 610 CMR 13.00: Financial Assessment and Risk Monitoring of Institutions of Higher Education

PDF 610 CMR 14.00: Coordination with Local Law Enforcement to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Misconduct

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